Our Documentation Services

Our services in the field of the Global Transfer Pricing  cover the following features

We can offer you special Consultancy in the field of transfer pricing documentation which efford special compliance with the law such as:

  • Organisation and planning of the documentation implementation and related process. We may support you with ideal solutions as well as concentrated on selective parts of facts on basis of § 90 Abs. 3 AO, § 1 ff AStG and  corresponding legal ordinance (GaufzV, FVerlV, Verordnung zum Steuerhinterziehungsbekämpfungsgesetz)
  • Instruction and support of the employees with the implementation and the handling of the documentation
  • Constitutive tax consultancy, analysis in the field of business administration and tax planning against the background of intercompany transactions
  • Optimization of the seperate company and the group's tax rate
  • Verification of an existing documentation against the background of the latest jurisdiction on enforceability and completeness as well as of the need of a documentation
  • Assistance with uni-, bi- or multinational mutual agreement procedure or Advanced Pricing Agreements
  • Communication with co-operation partner and verification of the requirements of a documentation of the company's resident state
  • Realization of legally requested analysis, i. e. function- and risk-analysis, comparability-analysis, analysis of the value chain
  • International tax consultancy especially in the field of bilateral law (double tax treaty)
  • assistance of audits, especially in the field of transfer pricing
  • Foreign branches
  • Partnerships in Inbound and Outbound-cases
  • Costs of finance in consideration of transactions abroad
  • Set off losses in consideration of transactions abroad
  • Fiscal appraisal of choosing the legal form at Inbound and Outbound issues