Our Prices

Global Transfer Pricing:

In the field of the Global Transfer Pricing we offer our services for a daily rate of 800 Euro in general. Therein are all services of our entire experts team included.

With predetermining your special needs, we will offer you an individual service package at a fixed price. With the package you will not only get the stipulated services, but also resultant followed up jobs due to service package, i. e. in consideration of adjustments of the basic strategy. This is our "All inclusive" package.  

That way we were  already able to realize simple One-Country-Case solutions for just 1.200 Euro! You will be in a position to show a secure documentation to the fiscal authority for audit purposes, which you will get under full quality assurance.

To provide you a cost control we will talk with you over all required services in detail before we will start to deal with an order. Corresponding costs we will present you in a price calculation.

International Tax Law:

For our advisory services in the field of the international taxation we will charge  a fee of 50 Euro per half an hour. That includes also all services of the expert's team.

In a first conversation all needs and services will be clarified. On that basis you will get an offer from us, which is directly adjusted to your needs. There is also the possibility to agree upon a fixed price.